Feeling Hormotional? Here’s How You…

Here’s How You Can Beat Your Hormotions!

It’s that time of the month again… you think to yourself.  Easily aggravated.  Extremely sensitive.  Depressed mood.  Unable to sleep, yet very tired.  Sound familiar?  You may be one of many who experience Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS (either personally, or as a victim of the monthly hurricane that sweeps through your household).  And yes, it is a real thing. 


Living with Endometriosis

We are silent sufferers.  The disease we have mutes us.  We dare not complain.  We hardly know if we have a real disease.  We start believing that it might just be in our heads, or we’re just doing that ‘woman thing’.  Sympathy and understanding pours out only for the loud diseases, the ones everybody know about, the ones that get all the air time.  It’s time for awareness, and for our voices to be heard.  It’s time to turn from silent sufferers into Endo Warriors.

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